Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIY: Ombre picture frame

I love ombre. I really do. Sometimes it seems like the trend is dying out and those still rocking it are kind of tacky. The classic ombre (smooth, seamless gradient) is what I'm talking about, not the stripes in different colors. Whoever decided that that would count as ombre needs a head check.

I think ombre is a great way to add color when decorating because you can add two colors to tie into your pillows or art or couches or whatever. I have a huge tapestry of a jungle on my wall and it has a ton of green. I don't love green and don't have a lot of it around so I wanted to add something green.

The process of ombre is sort of self explanatory. Basically all you do is choose 2 spray paints and paint opaque towards the outer parts and mrs sheerly and thin towards the center.

I took the paper insert out of a picture frame and taped the back to a box. Spray painting is best done on something off the ground so I set it on an old beer box but seriously anything will work. The paper  just needs to be elevated.

 I started spraying the green on one end.

 You can see how it fade from heavy on the outside to lighter on the inside. 

I continued to add more paint until it was half covered. 

Now start from the opposite side and repeat the same process.

So now we have green fading from heavy to light on one end and blue grey fading from heavy to light from the other side.
Once you have both side completed like the photo above, there should be a blank-ish area in the center. You're going to want to go back and forth from each color and spray the green into the blue then the blue into the green.

You want to make sure that the colors are mixed in the center and don't have a rough line.

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