Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 year in review: fashion

On January 1, 2013 I decided that I wanted to take a picture every day of an entire day. I needed a way to keep track of them since I do take more than one photo each day. I didn't want them getting lost in my camera roll or something so I went searching and came across project 365, an app that does exactly that. Well today is December 31, 2013 and I can proudly say that I did this. I tried to mostly take a picture of my outfit each day. I thought that was what I most wanted to document.

So here's my favorite outfit of the day for each month of 2013.












Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Best After Christmas Sales

This is going to be a quick one but here they are:

Forever 21:
-50% off all boots and booties
-giant 75% bins of clothes in stores

Victorias Secret:
- 7/ $26 panties in stead of normal 5/26
-buy one get one 50% off bras

-end of season sale: up to 75% off

Bath and Body Works:
-semi anual sale
-up to 75% off
-buy 3 get 2 free signature collection

Monday, December 23, 2013

Easy French toast in under 5 minutes

I've decided to start doing some recipes here. This one is French toast.  
I love French toast. It's so damn good and I just learned how to make it. It's seriously so easy. Who knew? Not me. It's perfect to use up some stale bread or just a weekend treat. Plus you probably have all these ingredients in your kitchen. 

1 egg 
2 slices of bread
Cinnamon to taste 
Toppings (fruit/syrup/sugar/etc) 

In a bowl, beat the egg and cinnamon. This looks gross but hey it will taste good later so it's all worth it. 

Next, soak both sides of the bread in the egg mixture. 

Throw them in your pan until they're golden and cooked. 

Add some syrup and blueberries and voila delicious French toast. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ebates scam?

Do you like shopping online? Do you like free money? Well if you answered yes to either then Ebates is for you.
I've heard so many people talk about Ebates. Let me start off by saying that it is not a scam. The idea is simple: shop online and you get money back. Each site that you shop at will get you a certain amount of money back. You can create an account and access any online stores. I use it for Amazon and Sephora. Most sites will give you an average of about 4% back. Every few months they will send you a check or money into your paypal or it can be donated directly to charities of your choice.
I have been using this for over two years now and have gotten almost $40 back within that time.
If you're expecting to get tons of money back, you won't. Most of the time, the cash back will be under $2 but it really does all add up. If you like to online shop, you know how much it can cost and getting a little bit back is awesome.
Not only does Ebates give you cash back but, they also offer coupon codes. So in one shot you can find a code for free shipping or 10% off and get some money back.

You can click the link below to join.
click here to join

Friday, December 13, 2013

My Daily Makeup

I wanted to share with you what makeup I use almost daily. Of course on some days I may do more or less. I've linked each product if you want to purchase it.


I start with the Too Faced primed and poreless under my eyes. Next, I apply benefit erase paste under my eyes as well. I wear the shade medium. Then I go over that with bare minerals foundation in the shade golden fair. I originally bought this to be my actual foundation but it wound up being way too yellow for me. I put it to good use by using it to conceals under my eyes. I know this seems like a ton of product to put under my eyes but using the primer really makes it stay one forever and not crease. 
For my eyes, I don't always wear i shadow but if I do,  I prime with either too faced shadow insurance or urban decay eyeshadow insurance. I have both of these and they both work the same. I really just reach into my drawer and pull out one of the two. Any way I wear any shadow from the urban decay naked palette. Oh my god I've had this since it came out and I've hit pan on almost all the colors. 
Next I line my eyes with maybelline line stiletto. I always do a little wing because doesn't it just make you feel that much more powerful? This is a liquid eye liner and its the best one ever I swear. I've tried so many other from NYC, MAC, ELF, and a few from sephora and they all sucked compared to this one. It makes the most crisp, black line. 
I feel like it's really necessary to let my eyeliner dry. Otherwise, when I curl my lashes it's smudges and just no. In the mean time I fill in my brows with the Nyx auto eyebrow pencil. I use the shade taupe. It doesn't match perfectly. I swear my eyebrows are grey and I've tried ash colored brow products and whatever this one works well. 
For my face, I go all over with the Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer  This is the most amazing bronzer ever. Interestingly enough, I've never used drugstore bronzer. I have tried all the cult faves of high end. This smells and tastes like chocolate, it's matte, it smells like chocolate, it's not too brown or too orange. Oh and IT SMELLS LIKE FRIGGIN CHOCOLATE. 
Another cult favorite that I use it the NARS orgasm/laguna duoI miss the two and put it on the backs of my cheek bones. I hate the look of blush on the apples of my cheeks. This is seriously worth the hype. 
Finally, I curl my lashes and put on one coat of Maybelline Falsies and one coat of Maybelline great lash lots of lashes . Maybelline makes the best mascaras hands down. This combo makes my lashes long, curled, volumized, just perfect. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fall Beauty Must Haves

I love fall. Who doesn't? crazy people thats who. I recently did a post all about my fall fashion must haves which you can find 
here. I decided I should do a beauty related one as well. There are so many great trends for fall and winter. Dark everything is in and people start describing colors as oxblood. By the way nail polish and lipsticks have the best names ever do they not?

1.The first has been bold lips colors. The first one is the Revoln matte balm. These are new and they're the most recent lip crayon pencil things. These smell like mint and they're pretty balmy. But don't think these are just tinted balms because let me tell you this packs a lot of punch. It's a perfect purple if you're not really into bright purple lips. I've been using the color "shameless" 

Two others are from NYC. This brand redeemed itself. These were 93 cents each. What?! No seriously. And they're pretty good quality. They're no where near a MAC lipstick and they smell a bit strange but why're so great. I love "sheer red." This is a nice brick red. As the name suggests, it is more sheer but I think that's good because I'm not really the type to wear bam red lips daily. 
The other? THAT IS MAHOGNAY. Ok sorry. Bad joke. But I expected this is be a dark brown. Don't ask me why I felt like I needed a dark brown lipstick. This turned out to be a rich red purple berry kid of color. You can build it into a bold deep color of dab it on for a more wearable look. 
(Ps I tried to do lip photos of each of these about a million times and the lighting is never right but I promise they look amazing on)

2. THIS NAIL POLISH. ohmygod is it pretty. It's an almost black red. Like at first glance it's king of bothy but then you're like "woah that's red. You're so chic. And cool. I love you." This perfect polish is "prey tell" from China Glaze. I got my nails done with this at a salon and needed it. I really need new nail polish like I need a hole in my head but oh well. After a long search I finally ordered this online form amazon and 2 weeks later (3-5 business days my ass) I had this.  It's so damn pretty.  It lasts so long especially with the top coat I reviewed just down below VVVV. 

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These are a few of my favorite things

So here's my kind of not really monthly favorite things. I already did a fashion one of these and a beauty one but here's some other random stuff I like.

1. Eating healthier. Over the summer I was in my prime ok. I went to the gym every day. And not just like omg did the elliptical for like 30 minutes, I actually worked out. Strength, cardio, everything. I ate so healthy then I fucked up my back in late July fast forward like 5 months and 110384 doctors and tests later, they still don't know what happened butttttt anyways combine that with living on my own and being in college, I have been eating crap and not working out (unless you count carrying 9000 bags 6 blocks from Target.)
I'm starting my New Year's resolution early. I have been trying to kill as much microwave food as possible and swap it with fresh healthier things. Of course I can;t really do much cooking because theres not oven in my apartment just a microwave and hot plate. (both have been living in that apartment for about 30x longer than I have.) I'm doing the best that I can with what I have. (btw I'm thinking of adding some cooking stuff on here?)
Ok but the point of this one is that I've been eating better.

2.Modern Family. This show is freaking hilarious. Its on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights on USA and every night at 7 & 7:30 on fox 5. I'm obsessed. I always wanted to watch it and I think I always meant to ever since it started but never got around to it. Seriously watch it. Each character is perfect. This show is flawless.

3. Vlogmas. Some day I'm going to do this but some day is not today.
I've been watching MoreMeghan LiveLaurenElizabeth beyondbeautystartv
I seriously look forward to these videos daily. And if you don't know what vlogmas is, its when people make a daily vlog every day of December.

4. December. I love Christmas time. Who doesn't though? I walked past the side of my building at night and recognized which apartment was mine because I know where I live and also it was pretty much the only window not decorated. I need to step up my game. I promise I will get lights and stuff but, II haven't had time.
I've been doing some baking. I made christmas cookies today. Yummy.
It snowed. Its only snowed like 3 flurries in NYC so far but, at my parents house, up in the woods upstate it is a winter wonderland.

5. My new hair. I had hair that was, at last measurement, about 34 inches long. I finally decided to cut it. Its still crazy long but its healthy and I feel as free as a bird.

No with the good comes the bad. So this is what sucks lately.

1. The end of the semester. Ughhhhhh. The end of the semester brings essays and finals and projects oh my. I have two weeks left and in those two weeks I have to read 2 long stories and annotate them both, study for all my finals, write 2 final papers, prepare a presentation, meet with my advisor, make my schedule for next semester, cry a lot, take all my finals, buy a train ticket home, pack enough stuff for 6 weeks of break into one suitcase, cry, come home. And I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a few things.

2. Cold weather. My lips, skin, hair, eyes, nose, feet, elbows, etc is dry. There is just not enough water and chap-stick and lotion to keep up. I took accutane for about 9 months and everything itsn't exactly back to normal. But seriously, I feel like a shriveled little prune.
OH and its freaking freezing outside. If you think that you're wearing enough layers, you better go back inside and throw on another 8 more.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Kiss nail dress review

This is going to be a quick one guys. I got these sent to me by Influenster.

So these are nail stickers that come in assortments of styles. It seems simple: choose the size that fits, stick them on, file off the excess. Not quite so easy. 

It took me about 25 minutes to put these on. You would think they would look perfect after that but no. I tried my best but wound up with bubbles and parts of the sticker were sticking to each other. 

I wasn't a huge fan of the set I got. Neon, cheetah and zebra print is not really my thing. That being said, I felt like I should give them a shot.

If you try these out, do them in a ventilated area because these smell like poison. Much worse than normal nail polish. 
The removal process was the worst.  They claim you can remove them in seconds with no remover. This is kind of contradicting because they're supposed to last long but you can just peel them off? 
No quite. I was left with sticky glue all over my nails. 

Here is what mine look like. 

You can't tell in the photo but, these look rough. 
Overall I would not recommend these.