Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My thoughts on Poshmark

If you haven't of Poshmark yet, let me explain. Posh is an app where anyone can sell their old clothes and make money off of it. Yes its really that simple. I love Poshmark because it allows you to directly target the people you want to reach with sales.
I used to use eBay however, my problem with eBay is that it can be hard to get connected with buyers. Poshmark is specifically designed to sell and buy clothes. You can easily list the clothes under the category and the brand which makes it really simple for people to find what they're looking for.

Buying is very easy. You simply search what you're looking for. Want that Brandy Melville top that sold out online, its probably on Posh. Every item is priced at $4.99 shipping which is a bit high but its around the same as buying on a normal clothing site. Sellers will also bundle. If you found a few things in their closet that you love, ask them to bundle and you can get all your clothes but only pay the shipping cost once. $4.99 covers up to 5 pounds of clothes you you can really get a lot. Once you get your shipment, check it in and give the seller a rating. The ratings protect you as a buyer; someone scammed you and sent you a shirt with holes you won't have to pay for it.

There's probably a ton of stuff chilling in the back of your closet that hasn't seen the light of day in years. Posh is the perfect place to sell it. Setting up your ad seriously takes less than 2 minutes. Since Posh is an app, you just snap pictures of it, describe it, decide a price and its up for sale. Your buyers will pay for shipping and you get a prepaid shipping label that you can stick on any box. Just leave the box in your mailbox and you're good to go. Once your buyer checks in the item, you get paid.

The only downside to Posh is that they will take 20% of your sales but I think that the simplicity of everything really makes up for it.

I have a bunch of stuff listed on there now including clothes I've featured on my blog here.
want $5 free? Use code BLINO when you sign up. 

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