Sunday, October 27, 2013

DIY: chic skull decor

Punk and grunge are back in a big way. Skulls are everywhere. They're on scarves (Alexander McQueen anyone?) bags, everywhere and they're not just for Halloween. If you've been on Tumblr or Pinterest lately you've seen these chicly decorated skulls. Put them at the end of your shelves or on a stack of books. Wherever you put it, you'll have a super chic decoration. 

So lets's get started in making one of these bad boys. You'll need: matte black spray paint, glitter glue, a plastic skull ( you should be able to find them at one of those pop up Halloween stores or your dollar store,) and some paintbrushes or sponges to apply the glitter. 

First off you're going to want to spray the skull with an even layer of black spray paint. Do this outside or lay down something to protect the surface you're working on. 

Wait for the paint to dry and you should have a matte black skull.

Make sure you cover the bottom and back too. Add a second coat if it's too sheer or you missed some spots.

Once the paint has dried, mix your glitters and apply a few coats of it. 

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