Tuesday, November 12, 2013

H&M haul

This past weekend, H&M was having a buy one get on free with all their winter items. I picked up a few things.

I love leather for the fall and I couldn't resist this jacket. I've wanted a faux leather jacket for a while but they cheap ones look super cheap and the nice ones are crazy expensive. This one was $49.95 
You can find it here

Next was this shirt that's pretty much impossible to photograph. It's a black crop top with 3/4 length sleeves that are mesh. The rest of it is black and it has a sweet heart neckline where it meets the mesh. It was $12.95 and I couldn't find it online. When I wore this, I paired it with American Apparel dark wash easy jeans

This pink scarf. I really only grabbed it because I couldn't find anything in the winter items that I liked. It's light pink with white skulls. They're much more subtle and don't look like skulls from far away. Don't get me wrong, I love skulls but it can be overkill. This one also isn't available online but there are a few similar. 

Finally were these knuckle rings. I'm not too sure how much I love this trend. I mean I do get to channel my inner Phoebe Buffay but still. They were $5.95 and came in a pack of around 20. Oh and enjoy this obnoxious photo.

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