Thursday, June 5, 2014

DIY cookie dough larabars

I love Larabars so much. They have between 2-5 ingredients and are the perfect after workout treat. I don't love the price though. As soon as I found out how few natural, real ingredients they had, I knew I could make them myself. 

Really all they are is dates, nuts and whatever flavor they are. The chocolate chip cookie dough is my absolute flavor so I bought the ingredients and made them up. 


2 cups cashews
1 cup/ ~17 dates
chocolate chips
*i used a few peanuts because I had just under 2 cups of cashews

I boiled about half a cup of cashews at a time and blended them. You don't need to do it this way if you have a food processor but I was using my nutribullet. 

 Next, I cut up and pitted my dates until I had a full cup of them. If you don't want to measure, I found it took me 17 dates to make a cup so between 15-20 depending on how sweet you want them. I wish I used a bit less so they were slightly less sweet.

I blended my dates until they turned into this giant clump of sticky goop.
 * Here is where I used some peanuts just to fill out the amount of cashews. I normally just use cashews but this didn't change the flavor too much.

I put this in just to tell you that you can sub in some other nuts if you don't love cashews.

Finally, I combined everything with my hands until a ball of couch had formed. All that is left to do it pop this in the fridge to harden up a bit and cut them into bars or bites or whatever you want.

If you make the bars into the normal size of actual Larabars, you should wind up with around 14 bars.

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