Monday, June 23, 2014

Review: Sally Hansen Color Foil

I have been on the hunt for the new Sally Hansen Color Foil nail polishes. In particular I needed  the color 'rose copper'. I seriously needed this like I needed air and finally found it at Target for $6.99. A little more than I like to spend but I felt like it was worth it.

The weird thing about this polish is that it tells you not to use a base or top coat. I realized this after I had already used both.

So backing up a little, I painted my nails1 streaky coat then 2 more and they looked super streaky and the polish was clumped up on my nails. I put on a top coat to smooth things over and my nails looked yellow and worse. I was ready to find my receipt, write a negative review and call up Sally Hansen when I noticed that the back of the bottle says "for best results, use without base or top coat." I had heard so much people talk about this line of colors and seen so many instagrams that looked nothing like my gross, ratchet manicure.

Here are the results of the base/top coat fail:

In the fourth one, you can see how yellowy and gross it turned out. 

I decided to take off all the polish and do exactly what the bottle told me; apply 2 coats without a base or top coats and DAMN. I was impressed. The photo at the very top of this post shows the full manicure.

My nails were dry in under 5 minutes. I mean dry like no dents or chips, rub your nails together, eat a sandwich, do yard work dry. They were rock solid and the color was beautiful. It wasn't this peed on penny type of color but instead a gorgeous, rose gold that I love.

Left is 1 coats and right nail is 3 coats.

Basically, I love this color and style of nails. They looked so beautiful for a day but here is where the problem lies; because you can't use a top coat, the polish starts to chip by the next day. You may be able to add a top coat after the polish has completely dried but I'm too afraid of that nasty yellow color coming back. Overall, I would say these polishes are fun to try but the concept isn't perfect yet. 

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