Monday, June 2, 2014

Contouring and Highlighting: drugstore products

Wow I haven't done a makeup post in such a long time but I've been really busy doing other things... Ok so I've just been doing really boring makeup and stuff lately and neglecting this section but that is ok because here they are: my favorite products for HACing from the drugstore. HACing is highlighting any contouring if you didn't know. 

We've all seen those crazy photos on instagram like this one. Obviously that is unrealistic for the average day or even the average special occasion. That being said, on a day when I want to contour, I just go under my cheek bones and on my temples. Its of course up to you where you want to contour. I highlight under my eyes every day because I have the worst under eye circles and need some serious concealer and highlighting to combat that. (ps if you want to hear more about what I use to cover my dark circles I do have a post up. You can click this link here to view that)

Any way let's get on with what I use. 

This is the Fit Me foundation from Maybelline. I love this because it is a stick foundation with an oil absorbing core so it won't get greasy and will help with oily skin. They make this is about a zillion colors so find one that is darker than your skin.

Just realized that I have another Maybelline product here but I happen to really like them so there. If you haven't heard to the dark circle eraser by now, are you living under a rock?! Joking but this is a concealer buttttttt, they also make this particular shade which is a brightener. The combination of the color and the spongey tip make this perfect to highlight under the eyes. 

Finally for actual face highlighting, I use this. Its the elf shimmering facial whip. Again they make this in a few colors so find something that compliments your skin. This stuff smells amazing and has just the right amount of super-fine shimmer to add a beautiful glow to your skin. 

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