Friday, May 2, 2014

Review: Crest 3d white whitest rips vivid (daily photo updates)

My teeth were not horribly yellow when I started but I wanted to get them as white as I could and remove some of the yellowness. I decided to take a photo each day and keep track on here of my progress. I update this every day, right after doing the treatment. This pack is designed for 12, daily, 30 minute treatments. 

After the first time, I found them a little bit whiter.

I didn't have any problems with sensitivity or anything. 

This is where I hit the problem. You are supposed to use these every day and leave them on for 30 minutes but about 15 minutes in, I felt a sharp shooting pain on my right front tooth and immediately removed the strip. You can see that above that tooth in the photo that a bit of my gum had been lightened. I think this is where the pain came from. 

***Con: the strip do not stick to the teeth very well and tend to slip around causing them to adhere to the gums or off the tooth completely. 

Today, I had that same pain in my top tooth. This happened at around 20 minutes in this time. Because it is just the one tooth, and not the whole of them, I wouldn't say these caused me so much pain. I may just have have one sensitive tooth. I may just need to stick to a shorter session. 

In person, looking in my mirror, I finally saw the super white teeth I wanted. It may be harder to tell in the photos but, after today they were really working. 

Yay, no more pain or sensitivity today. I was able to keep the strips on for the full time. My teeth are even whiter and have been getting comments from people from about them. I tried to keep the strips from touching my gums which helped a lot. 

Nothing new to report. No pain just more white. The bottom strip came off though. This is my real problem; the strips slide around a lot. The bottom one was getting folded and twisted and I had to just take it off completely. 

Same thing; whiter teeth, no pain. The strips stayed on for the full 30 minutes.

No pain just slightly whiter.

Nothing new to report. I'm more than halfway done with this and feel like my teeth a so much whiter than where they started. 

The strips stuck on really well. They didn't even budge. They're whiter and whiter each day 
Ugh bad lighting on this one. But I have had less trouble with the strips coming off. I was previously putting them on then getting ready (shower, makeup, hair, etc) and I think that might have been why they were coming off. I've been doing them at night while I'm just laying around. 

This was the after compared to where I started. My overall thoughts:
I really like these and they made a significant difference in my teeth. They are a bit pricey. They don't stick to the teeth perfectly. 

It can be hard to tell in photos but I notice my teeth being a lot whiter and people have told me recently. I think if you're willing to spend a little bit more, you will love these. 

Buy them on Amazon here: Crest 3d White Vivid Teeth Whitening Strips 12 Count

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