Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Recently I have made a few changes to this little blog of mine. What started out as a fashion blog turned into a makeup blog that turned into a DIY blog that became an OOTD blog and so on. I really wanted to organize things and slowly, I will be getting everything more organized and my site itself up to date and better for everyone.

I have always said that "Cheyenne Style" meant 'my lifestyle.' I really love eating healthier and getting in better shape and will bee including more of those posts. I found that OOTD posts are really quick and easy to do and its why I defaulted to them. I am always making things and being crafty.

Finally after trying out so many different 'themes' for this site, I realized to just make it whatever I want it to be.

On the time on my site there are different pages you can go to find different posts. I will slowly but surely be putting all of my posts into these different categories.

Thanks so much for supporting me and reading all of these little ramblings.

♡ Cheyenne

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