Friday, November 29, 2013

Fall fashion must haves

What I've been wearing all of the fall season so far.

1. American Apparel easy jeans in dark wash indigo. The perfect high waisted jeans. They're comfy and a great way to wear cropped shirts from the summer. These are originally $72 but I bought mine at the outlet in soho for around $40 or so. 

2. Betsey Johnson Natalie boots. I had been searching for a pair of black ankle boots for forever. I wanted ones that were a little higher up on the leg to make my feet look smaller and these were perfect. They have a heel which is only about 3 inches. They're pretty easy to walk in but if you do happen to buy them I suggest getting a gel insert because they don't have much support. 
3. Leather jacket. I bought mine at h&m and wrote all about it here

4.  Black on black. This is pretty much the theme of all that I wear. Black is just so chic. Plus you can spill stuff on yourself and no one will know. 

5. BIG COMFY SWEATERS. Fall is sweater weather right? Yeah it is. I have a full drawer that doesn't close that's filled with sweaters. I find my best sweaters at thrift stores because they're much cheaper and look just like the ones that urban outfitters is trying to sell for $70. Even if thrift stores aren't your thing, you can find big comfy sweaters just about anywhere. My favorite way to style them is with leggings if they're long enough to CTC (google that and a kardashians episode should explain.) If said sweater isn't long enough, I wear them with ripped jeans and heels. Its such a stylish look. 

6. Big black structured bags. Especially the ones with those little flaps on the side. You know, the ones that look like a Celine bag that we all wish we could afford. Ahhh some day. I found one at H&M for $30 and they have tons more. This style is really on trend lately so you can find one of these within your budget just about anywhere. The one that I got is HUGE. I recently traveled home for the holidays and fit in it all my usual crap, my laptop, ipad, chargers, 3 notebook, 2 folders, a bagel and donut from Dunkin, and a coffee mug. Yes it weighed more than a small child but hey, it all fit. 

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