Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NYC Big Bold Gloss review

I want to start this off by saying that I'm not a huge fan of lipgloss. I normally like either matte lips or natural lips. Secondly I got this is my varsity Voxbox from Influenster. You can join Influenster by going here. The site is perfect if you blog or vlog or post anywhere about anything. You fill out questions that can qualify you for free boxes full of goodies related to you. I've gotten 3 so far. However this is not a site where you just get a bunch of free stuff. Getting a box is kind of rare but it's worth it. 

Anyway this gloss. I got the color "pleasant plump pink". The gloss claimed to plump your lips, last for 5 hours and be light weight and non sticky.

First off, pulling out the applicator, I see that it is a like a normal lipgloss except its huge. This didn't really present any sort of problem but it felt like it was a bit cumbersome. Because of this, you do get a lot of product out at once. I found myself having to wipe it off and waste some product.

When I put this on, it burned. More than the average plumping gloss tingles. Most plumping glosses feel a little bit tingly but this hurt. The sensation went away pretty quickly though. 

I don't really feel like plumping lip glosses actually work because I have never seen one that works. Naturally I didn't feel like this one plumped my lips either. Here's some pictures.  You. An decide for yourself if it worked. 

I think that lipgloss adds a highlight to your lips that makes them look a little larger over all anyway. As you can see, like most glosses, this one is pretty sheer.

Overall I didn't hate this but I probably will not repurchase it for myself. If you're looking for an every day lipgloss then this may be for you. If you're looking for huge volume in your lips and good color payoff, skip this one. I give this 3/5 stars.
You can find more information about this product Here.

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