Sunday, December 8, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things

So here's my kind of not really monthly favorite things. I already did a fashion one of these and a beauty one but here's some other random stuff I like.

1. Eating healthier. Over the summer I was in my prime ok. I went to the gym every day. And not just like omg did the elliptical for like 30 minutes, I actually worked out. Strength, cardio, everything. I ate so healthy then I fucked up my back in late July fast forward like 5 months and 110384 doctors and tests later, they still don't know what happened butttttt anyways combine that with living on my own and being in college, I have been eating crap and not working out (unless you count carrying 9000 bags 6 blocks from Target.)
I'm starting my New Year's resolution early. I have been trying to kill as much microwave food as possible and swap it with fresh healthier things. Of course I can;t really do much cooking because theres not oven in my apartment just a microwave and hot plate. (both have been living in that apartment for about 30x longer than I have.) I'm doing the best that I can with what I have. (btw I'm thinking of adding some cooking stuff on here?)
Ok but the point of this one is that I've been eating better.

2.Modern Family. This show is freaking hilarious. Its on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights on USA and every night at 7 & 7:30 on fox 5. I'm obsessed. I always wanted to watch it and I think I always meant to ever since it started but never got around to it. Seriously watch it. Each character is perfect. This show is flawless.

3. Vlogmas. Some day I'm going to do this but some day is not today.
I've been watching MoreMeghan LiveLaurenElizabeth beyondbeautystartv
I seriously look forward to these videos daily. And if you don't know what vlogmas is, its when people make a daily vlog every day of December.

4. December. I love Christmas time. Who doesn't though? I walked past the side of my building at night and recognized which apartment was mine because I know where I live and also it was pretty much the only window not decorated. I need to step up my game. I promise I will get lights and stuff but, II haven't had time.
I've been doing some baking. I made christmas cookies today. Yummy.
It snowed. Its only snowed like 3 flurries in NYC so far but, at my parents house, up in the woods upstate it is a winter wonderland.

5. My new hair. I had hair that was, at last measurement, about 34 inches long. I finally decided to cut it. Its still crazy long but its healthy and I feel as free as a bird.

No with the good comes the bad. So this is what sucks lately.

1. The end of the semester. Ughhhhhh. The end of the semester brings essays and finals and projects oh my. I have two weeks left and in those two weeks I have to read 2 long stories and annotate them both, study for all my finals, write 2 final papers, prepare a presentation, meet with my advisor, make my schedule for next semester, cry a lot, take all my finals, buy a train ticket home, pack enough stuff for 6 weeks of break into one suitcase, cry, come home. And I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a few things.

2. Cold weather. My lips, skin, hair, eyes, nose, feet, elbows, etc is dry. There is just not enough water and chap-stick and lotion to keep up. I took accutane for about 9 months and everything itsn't exactly back to normal. But seriously, I feel like a shriveled little prune.
OH and its freaking freezing outside. If you think that you're wearing enough layers, you better go back inside and throw on another 8 more.


  1. I am really trying to get into healthy eating at the moment too. Great post

    The Koalafornian x