Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fall Beauty Must Haves

I love fall. Who doesn't? crazy people thats who. I recently did a post all about my fall fashion must haves which you can find 
here. I decided I should do a beauty related one as well. There are so many great trends for fall and winter. Dark everything is in and people start describing colors as oxblood. By the way nail polish and lipsticks have the best names ever do they not?

1.The first has been bold lips colors. The first one is the Revoln matte balm. These are new and they're the most recent lip crayon pencil things. These smell like mint and they're pretty balmy. But don't think these are just tinted balms because let me tell you this packs a lot of punch. It's a perfect purple if you're not really into bright purple lips. I've been using the color "shameless" 

Two others are from NYC. This brand redeemed itself. These were 93 cents each. What?! No seriously. And they're pretty good quality. They're no where near a MAC lipstick and they smell a bit strange but why're so great. I love "sheer red." This is a nice brick red. As the name suggests, it is more sheer but I think that's good because I'm not really the type to wear bam red lips daily. 
The other? THAT IS MAHOGNAY. Ok sorry. Bad joke. But I expected this is be a dark brown. Don't ask me why I felt like I needed a dark brown lipstick. This turned out to be a rich red purple berry kid of color. You can build it into a bold deep color of dab it on for a more wearable look. 
(Ps I tried to do lip photos of each of these about a million times and the lighting is never right but I promise they look amazing on)

2. THIS NAIL POLISH. ohmygod is it pretty. It's an almost black red. Like at first glance it's king of bothy but then you're like "woah that's red. You're so chic. And cool. I love you." This perfect polish is "prey tell" from China Glaze. I got my nails done with this at a salon and needed it. I really need new nail polish like I need a hole in my head but oh well. After a long search I finally ordered this online form amazon and 2 weeks later (3-5 business days my ass) I had this.  It's so damn pretty.  It lasts so long especially with the top coat I reviewed just down below VVVV. 

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