Monday, December 23, 2013

Easy French toast in under 5 minutes

I've decided to start doing some recipes here. This one is French toast.  
I love French toast. It's so damn good and I just learned how to make it. It's seriously so easy. Who knew? Not me. It's perfect to use up some stale bread or just a weekend treat. Plus you probably have all these ingredients in your kitchen. 

1 egg 
2 slices of bread
Cinnamon to taste 
Toppings (fruit/syrup/sugar/etc) 

In a bowl, beat the egg and cinnamon. This looks gross but hey it will taste good later so it's all worth it. 

Next, soak both sides of the bread in the egg mixture. 

Throw them in your pan until they're golden and cooked. 

Add some syrup and blueberries and voila delicious French toast. 

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