Saturday, March 8, 2014

The best under eye concealers


Oh my god I have the worst under eye circles ever. I’m layers deep in eye cream, corrector, concealer, foundation, correcting powder, setting powder, etc and you can still see them. I have made it my life’s mission to find the best under eye concealers. While I still haven’t found one to completely cover them, these are the absolute best and will work for any normal person.  

1.First up is the Mac pro long wear concealer. It really will last forever. It isn’t cakey or too thick. Mac has a huge array of colors to choose from. If you have super dark almost black-eye darkness this won’t cover them but it will cover anything else. I like to use this over a corrector to make it last long and much my skin. ~$19 at MAC

2. It cosmetics bye bye under eye does exactly what it says. You can say ‘bye bye’ to your under eye circles.
They only offer 4 shades. This has such amazing coverage.
 Its very very thick so a little bit goes a long way.
I’m mac nw 25 and found the color neutral medium perfect for me.
My only complaint is that the light one seems to only match paper.
$24 on amazon

3. Ok this is a crappy concealer so, why am I including it? Because it’s amazing at brightening and highlighting under the eyes. If you put on some of the highlighter over your normal concealer, it will really brighten up the area. If you don’t have very bad dark circles and just want something to brighten and make you look a little more awake this is the way to go. They offer 3 shades and it can be found in most Target stores or online at their website. 

4. Such a cult favorite. Benefit erase paste. They have three shades in light, medium, and dark. Each one is orange toned to help cancel out blueness. This is more of a corrector rather than a concealer but it still works wonders. I have strayed away from this but still keep coming back to it. It costs $26 from Sephora/Ulta

5. Maybelline the eraser is really getting popular. They make a few types of this. There is the under eye eraser, the dark spot eraser, the eraser foundation, and the eraser brightener. This one is the under eye one. As you can see from mine, I removed the little spongey applicator. Doing this allows you to waste SO MUCH less product and its generally more sanitary. This has some really good coverage and I would recommend it if some of the others are too expensive for you. ~$7 from drugstores.

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