Saturday, March 1, 2014

Best ELF products: eye brushes

elf brushes

This is the yet another part of my favorite ELF products series. You can check out the other parts of this series by clicking here

From Left:

1. This is a brush from the studio line. It has an angled tip. Its stiff yet still movable. I find this great for highlighting with eyeshadow or doing one color all over the lid. Its also great for contouring smaller areas like the sides of the nose. My favorite use for this is to set my under eye concealer. 

2. This brush is so tiny I don’t see how you could possibly use this for concealer. Its really stiff and has a rounded tip. I have probably 3-4 of these. I have one use it to line my eyes with gel liner. Another is to smudge eyeshadow under my lash line. Another is used to fill in my brows and I’m sure my dog is harboring the other somewhere. This is my absolute favorite eye brush.

3. Finally the blending eye brush. This isn’t the softest and I don’t use it to blend eye shadow. I think this makes a great pencil brush to pack color into the crease. This one you could live with out but I included it because I use it. 

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