Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to stretch out shoes

Do you ever come across a shoe aisle and find a pair you need? Then you notice they're on sale so you really need them? But then they only have a 7 1/2 or 8 1/2 but you wear an 8? Because this happens to me constantly. Maybe a normal person would just sigh and walk away but how can you leave behind the world's cutest shoes that are on sale for $25?! Really I'm asking because I can't. When this happens I always buy the smaller size and stretch them out.

Today I'm going to teach you have to stretch your shoes.

Method 1
You will need:
The shoes that are too small
Thick socks- at least 2 pairs but the more the better (I'll explain later)
A hot blow dryer

Put on your socks. You want the have one pair for now. This will start the stretching process. Put the shoes on. This may be difficult because they're already too small and you've just crammed a big socked foot into them.
Now turn on the hair dryer on high and move it around the outside of the shoes. Try to move your feet in any way you can to get the leather more pliable. Do this for a bit and make sure to move the dryer around. You don't want to burn your shoes or your feet.
See how well the shoes fit without the socks on. If you still need them stretched more, throw on the first pair of socks then a second and repeat the process.

Method 2
One of my friends taught me this one forever ago and this work if you don't have the time to sit around blow drying your feet but do have overnight.

You will need:
The shoes that are too small
Plastic ziploc bags

All you need to do for this method is to take a bag and fill it halfway with water. Next squeeze all the excess air out and place the bag in the shoe. I normal double bag it just for extra measure. Now throw your shoes in the freezer overnight and the water will freeze and expand.

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