Saturday, April 26, 2014

An average day in my life: spring break

I normally shoot an outfit post if I wear something that I like or something that looks good and I want to share. Today, I liked what I wore but did't feel like showing it. Instead I decided to take a little photo walk through my day. Nothing special, just just what I did. Just a little photo journal on my iPhone. 

Of course I started off the day with breakfast; it is the most important meal of the day after all. I normally make some eggs with sriracha, a muffin top and some fruit. My food is never that pretty looking so here is my delicious watermelon instead. 

I also painted my nails. Nothing special just a little red. This color is 'something new' from sally hansen diamond line. 

Of course I threw in a little outfit selfie sort of thing. I really like to just sit around outside with my dog. 

I have such a love-hate relationship with dollar stores. I went in for these fake flowers because I love flowers but real ones are expensive and they die. I have a few flower vases in my room filled with these fakes. I picked up those, some yard sale price stickers for a yard sale we're doing soon, and some iron on transfer sheets to make tshirts with. (ps these were complete crap and did not work even a bit)

Oh the thrift store. I try to stop by the Salvation Army store whenever I'm around. They're closed Sundays and for some reason I always want to go on a Sunday but I finally went on a Friday. I found this awesome cropped little sweater tank top thing that is totally Rachel/Monica style 90s and some high waisted loose fitting jeans. Ok they're mom jeans but I'm going to do all sorts of stuff to them and they will be cute. (You'll see them in a OOTD post soon enough)

Finally for dinner I got Chipotle. I would have taken a picture but that whole meal was in my tummy in seconds. I ate all the chips on the way home. Seriously those are the best chips ever; they limey and salty and great and I could eat the all day. I normally get a salad there with white rice, chicken, mild salsa, some cheese or sour cream and their dressing. It is delicious and not as heavy as a burrito. 

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