Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to get perfect looking under eye concealer


♡ If you have horrible under eye dark circles like me, you know how much you feel the need to cover them up. But then it gets to looks cakey and the concealer sinks into the lines under the eyes. I have a simple way to fix all your under eye concealer problems. If you haven't already, check out my post on the best concealers to cover up the darkness by clicking the link here. I have everything from drugstore to high end listed there. 

Problem: concealer looks too cakey
Why does this happen?: Your concealer probably looks cakey because of a lack of moisture. This can be a lack of moisture in either the concealer itself or a dryness in your skin. 
Fix: You can fix this by using an eye cream. It doesn't need to be anything fancy unless, you want something fancy. Just make sure that it is a hydrating product. 
-Another fix is to check how old your concealer is. Makeup expires and if you can't remember what decade you bought it during, its time to throw it out. If you have ever noticed this little symbol ion your makeup, the number inside of it tells you how long you can keep it for. Not only does bacteria grow after that point but, the actual makeup can break down and look gross on the skin. 

Problem: concealer settles into the fine lines under the eyes
Why does this happen?: Every time you move a body part it slowly created wrinkles. Your eyes are moving and blinking thousands of time a day which is why you may be only 15 but have wrinkles under your eyes. The wrinkles are dips in the skin. The concealer will naturally fall down into those dips.
Fix: Use a primer. The primer will fill in those lines and prevent this from happening. Look for one that will fill in lines/wrinkles/pores; all have the same effect

Problem: concealer fades/creases throughout the day
Why does this happen?: This is probably happening because the area is too dry or it is settling into the lines. It can also happen because you are sweating or it is hot outside and the product is breaking down. 
Fix: set your concealer with a light powder. Look for something that is very fine and not mattifying. This will absorb the oils in the concealer and leave more of the pigment. Powder also adds a barrier between your concealer and the outside world. In addition use the other fixes which can help this as well. 

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