Friday, April 11, 2014

Best blushes ever: ELF HD blushes

Holy shit these are the best liquid/cream blushes I have ever seen. If you read no further than this, know that I have never found any sort of product that has better pigmentation. 

The HD blushes from ELF are seriously amazing. You really only need a pin sized drop of some of the color for both cheeks. Seriously. They stain your cheeks and blend amazingly. The packaging is quite larger and even with the increase in ELF prices, you will never ever need to repurchase. As you'll see in the swatches below, even after rubbing my hand with a makeup remover, I was still left with a faint color on my hand. 

They cost $3 even on the website but all the prices of ELF studio have gone up to ~3.69 in my Target. (where I normally find ELF) If you're a reader of my blog, you already know how much I love ELF but these really took me over the endue with the brand and made me head over heels in love. Their studio blushes are already quite popular and known for being highly pigmented. 

They currently offer 5 shades including a light, normal pink, peach/coral pink, bright neon pink, fuscia, and a deep berry. 


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