Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March favorites: hair products

I’ve been getting more into hair lately especially since I cut it. I do miss my super long hair but having it shorter is much more manageable. I found a bunch of new hair products in the month of March. I really love the look of messy waves. It just looks so effortless and beach while still managing to look pulled together. My hair is naturally very straight and very smooth so curling it does take a bit of effort. 

To prep my hair when it’s wet, I have been in love with these two products. The first is the John Freida frizz ease heat defense spray. This is your standard heat protectant and I use it whenever I’m going to be curling my hair and even if I’m not I put it in while my hair is wet since it does help to tame the frizz that I normally battle. It’s also nice to know that it’s already in my hair whenever I may want to heat style it. 

The next in the wet hair styling things is the Garnier Fructis blow dry protector. This is essentially the same thing as the John Freida one but its more of a creamy gel rather than a spray. I find that this makes blowing out my hair so much easier. It just makes it look so smooth and straightened. It doesn’t weight down my hair though so I’m able to retain some volume. 

I have loved this Garnier hair spray since it came out. I remember being pissed because I used to love one of their old sprays that this one replaced. I actually have it in a level 2 and a level 4. I use the 2 for teasing and lighter hold and the 4 for when I want to keep curls in place. It doesn’t leave your hair with that nasty crunchy piecey look but it it does actually give some hold. I love this because it isn’t touchable hold-which I find never really holds anything at all- and it isn’t like helmet head type of hold either. 

The other way I style my hair is with this cream from Rusk. Its from their Being Sex line and this stuff is seriously elmer’s glue. It smells like it, looks like, is sticky like it. Basically is looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, its a duck. But this stuff is you know, actually made for your hair-and is not a duck. This is one of the more expensive hair products that I have but I have seen it at places like TJ MAXX and Marshals. This is so perfect for getting some hold in and messing up my hair. *note they also make this in a gel formula but I haven’t tried that one. 

Finally for how I’ve been loving styling my hair. I swear you can walk into any bathroom where women lie and you will find a Conair Instant Heat curling iron. I swear everyone owns one of these. They cost around $15 but they get more or less expensive depending on the size. Sometimes I will use the one inch on larger sections to quickly curl my hair and sometimes I use the 1.5 inch to add texture. These are such great irons and I know that they’re gonna be favorites for way longer than the month of March. 

What have you been loving this March? Let me know in the comments below. 

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