Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Best ELF products: face brushes

I love ELF. Almost all of their products are either $1 or $3. There brushes are some of the best. They're all so soft and absolutely great. Here are my favorites.

▷1. Powder brush. This is such a great brush. Like the name suggests, you can use it to put on powder but, I find this great for buffing in liquid foundation. I've had this for years and it doesn't disappoint. The flat top is perfect for really creating a smooth looking surface. 

▷2. Stipple brush. It can be used with both cream/liquids and powders. I use it for foundation, cream blush or if I want to wear just powder. This adds a sheer wash or color or product. 

▷3. Blush brush. This is a good one for either powder blush or powder contour. This is a flatter brush that comes to a point. 

▷4. Complexion brush. Can you tell I loved this one? I bought this around the time that ELF created the studio brush line. My dog has chewed the handle and the paint has chipped. I really can't say why I haven't just picked up a new one; it costs $3. This brush is so great. It so so soft and again its flat. You can use it for powder or bronzer or anything at all. If I could only recommend on brush it would be this one. 


  1. I've always heard lots of good things about elf! xx

  2. I've been looking to try some elf products, thanks for the review!