Friday, February 21, 2014

NYC fashion week OOTD

It's been a boring week. It snowed every other day here in not so sunny NYC. I love New York but the winters are brutal. I bought rain boots and let me tell you; that those things have saved my life and feet. It was fashion week here in New York City which I spent in class. (I read through every fashion bloggers' account of fashion week in class.)
So here's what I wore inside. Outside you can find me as a walking marshmallow of warmth.

Sweater: H&M  | Jeans: Bullshead  | Sneakers: Converse | Beanie: Necessary Clothing | Messy bedroom/mirror selfie: DIY 

 By the way, the Hudson river in the middle of winter is, I swear, the most beautiful thing ever. The way the whole thing ices over then cracks and melts. Then all thats left is chunks of ice and snow just floating there. Plus the mountains are just breathtaking. I will always love the city but, sometimes the rest of the state is pretty cool too. 

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