Wednesday, February 12, 2014

♡ DIY Valentine's Day heart Wreath ♡

I made this quick little wreath for Valentine's day. This is something that you can create quickly and cheaply.

You'll need table scatter hearts. I used the same one from my last Valentine's day diy. Valentine's day jars. You'll also need some kind of wire and glue.

♡ Start out by tracing a circle onto something. 

♡ Trace this onto something sturdy. I used a paper bag. You're going to be gluing around this. 

♡ Grab your hearts and lay them out around the circle. This will ensure that your wreath lies flat and looks perfect. 

♡ Doing this will also help you to create your pattern and make sure that it will fit the way you want it to. 

♡ As you can see, I alternated red to pink and overlapped them. 

♡ Once you've laid them out, begin gluing. 

♡ Glue a piece then the next one. 

♡ You will wind up with a floppy circle of hearts. They will be all connected though. 
♡ Break out the hot glue once more and grab your wire.

♡ I found it easiest to bend the wire into a perfect circle that fit around the wreath. 

♡ After that, I cut the wire into 4 parts. This makes it so much easier to glue. 

♡ Don't worry if it looks messy. The wire is on the back and it will never be seen. 

♡ Finally you can attach it to the wall. Sine the hearts have a naturally pointed gap in between, I slipped it over a nail but you could use some ribbon instead. 

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  1. Such a cute thing!