Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY vintage looking glass

Mercury glass and frosted glass are both so beautiful. They look old and vintage. I could spend all of my money on mercury glass. That's the problem; it costs so much money. Anthropologie sells so many types of little class jars and such but why the hell is a little glass jar $89?! I figured there had to be a way to do it myself so after testing out a few different techniques, (some worked some well they're not this post) I found such an easy way to do it. Depending on how you do this they may turn out differently. Some have turned out looking like mercury glass others look frosted.  Best thing is that you probably already have most of the supplies.

You will need:

• Cleaned out candle jars- if you don't know how to clean them out, I have a quick and easy way to do this here
• Metallic spray paint and flat spray paint
• Hairspray

 First I coated the entire inside of the jar with a thin layer of sliver metallic spray paint. 

Next, at random I sprayed hair spray. You want to do this while the spray paint is still wet. The alcohol in the hairspray will break apart the paint and give that chipped and spattered look.

After you spray it, tip the jar over and shake it to get out the excess paint and hairspray. 

For the second one, I coated it with flat white spray paint.

Then I repeated the silver layer and hair spray to the inside.

I wanted the outside of the jars to be coated as well. I tipped them upside down, to drain out the excess again and to coat all parts of the jars. I repeated the whole process of spraying with flat white, metallic sliver, and hairspray. 

Finally, let the jars sit out for about ~30 or until they are completely dry.

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