Monday, February 10, 2014

Nars orgasm/laguna Vs. Elf contouring blush and bronzing powder

Nars makes awesome makeup. I haven"t tried too many things from them just because it is so pricey. That being said there was one thing I couldn't"t pass up: the Orgasm/Laguna duo. If you haven't heard of this, its a blush and bronzer duo that's widely popular. Its so popular that the brand ELF of Eyes Lips Face made a dupe of this.

I was using the the ELF one for probably close to 3 years when I decided I wanted to see what all the hype was about on the Nars one. I have been using solely this one since August and I can say that I think the two are very similar but I wouldn't call it a dupe.

This is a comparison of the two. I've divided it into a few categories. note: the nars one is a mini size, not the full sized version.


The two look very similar. The Nars one is smaller but that is because it is a mini. The Nars one has larger lettering. If you've ever felt Nars packaging, you know that is has an almost rubbery feel to it. The ELF one has a much more plastic feel. Its pretty clear that ELF was going after Nars when making this. 
As you can tell, I used a lot of the Elf bronzer. I do actually prefer this to the Nars one because it's darker. The colors all look very different in the packaging.
Also the pans for the elf one are rounded while Nars' are squared off.

Look of the colors- Blushes:

On the right I have the Elf blush swatched. On the left is Nars orgasm. The elf one is a bit more powdery and orange toned while the Nars one is more pink. Both are shimmery blushes. They both have a golden shimmer.

Look of the colors- Bronzer:

On the left is the Nars laguna bronzer and on the right is the elf bronzer. These are both shimmery bronzers with a golden undertone. Just like with the blushes, the elf one is a bit more chalky. The Nars one goes on a bit more smoothly. (note that at the top of the nars swatch is a freckle not part of the swatch) Laguna is a lighter color that the elf one. 


The elf one retails at $3 and can be purchased at | Target | Walmart | K-mart. The Nars duo can be purchased for $24 for the mini (shown in this post) or $41 for the larger one. It can be purchased from sephora or from Nars directly.


  1. I've never tried any Elf products, for the price it looks good! x

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  2. They can be hit or miss but the good ones are amazing.

  3. Nice post, but you said both blushes are swatched on the right?x

    1. Thanks for catching that. The nars is on the left.