Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How I fill in my eyebrows

This is the second part to my eyebrow post. I already covered how to groom your eyebrows. CHECK IT OUT This post is all about how I fill them in but keep them natural looking.

 For tools and products I use the Elf wet gloss grow gel. This is only $1 and works amazing. 

I also use Naked from the Urban Decay Naked palette. If you own this and don't know what color to use on your brows try this. I have seen so many people with different hair/skin/brows colors. Its a really universally flattering product. (As you can see I use the crap out of my Naked palette) 

I really like the Elf concealer brush. I know it seems weird but its so small and comes to a rounded tip which makes it perfect. I also use one of those eye brow brush/comb thing. 
I don't know this brand and really any one will work fine. 

First I comb through and get all the hairs in place using the brow brush.
 I use brow gel first. I know most people use this to set their brows but it still works if you do it in this order. Actually it works better if you do it this way.
I start from the center making one vertical line where I want my brows to start.
Next I turn my brush and start working sideways
I move through my entire brow. I also dip back into the shadow a few times. Make sure to wipe off your brush each time thought because the wet gel can ruin your shadow.
I bring shadow all the way to the end of my brow.
Make sure to use short strokes and make sure every part of the brow is filled in.
When filling in your brows, use a mirror that's further away. This is my best tip for getting natural looking brows. Sitting up close can cause you to fill in every little spot which looks good until you stand further away and realize that you have just colored on your brows and made them look horrible.

I hope you all enjoyed this little guide.


  1. Great tutorial! That e.l.f. product looks like it works really great, and it's so inexpensive!

    Ray | Obey Ray

    1. It really does work so well. Thanks for reading.