Saturday, January 25, 2014

Diy Valentine's Day decorative jars

I haven't done a home decor in a long time. (check out my glitter skull decor here) I like to add a few things to my room for each holiday. For Valentine's Day, I made this little storage jar out of an old candle. This is really simple to make and can be used to hold any small items.

To do this you will need a cleaned out candle. I have a tutorial on how to do this here  Everything else you need is here.

Step one:
Pull the heart off of the stick then add some hot glue to the top of your container and attach the heart.

 It should look something like this. My heart came out a little crooked but I think that add character does it not?

Step two: using any pattern you would like, glue the flat glitter hearts to the outside of the jar. Get creative here. Do all one color or mix it up. Cover the entire jar if you want
Step 3: You could add the 3d heart here if you want or do the entire lid first. This is just the order I used. I used some of the smaller red glitter hearts and glued them facing outwards. I suggest laying them out before gluing to make sure you like the pattern and that they all fit.

 This is what mine turned out looking like.
 Step four: fill the jar with whatever you want. I wanted to have mine on my vanity but you could fill it with just about anything.
I placed mine on my vanity. It adds a bit of warm color.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY.
XOXO, Cheyenne

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  1. So cute, what a cool idea!!

    I am running a giveaway over on my blog, be sure to check it out and enter!