Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to get long hair fast

I have really long hair. No actually long hair not like shoulder length. People ask me all the time how I got it so long so here is what I did. This is my hair. (ignore these super angst poses/ the mirror seflie. Some of these were for a friend's photo project)

Here are my tips on growing you hair long.

1.Cutting the bottom of your hair is not going to send some magic signal to your follicles making them shoot out hair. Your hair grows at one pace and cutting it isn't going to change that. Cutting off the split ends just makes it look better but in reality its not doing anything to get it longer. Instead cut it once the ends need to be cut.

2. Stop dying and bleaching your hair. Putting extreme chemicals on it are horrible. If you love your bleach blonde hair maybe opt for a darker blonde instead. I did have hair ombre hair though for 3 years and still had long hair.

3. Don't use heat. If you hair is straight, you don't need to straighten it. If you like you hair curled go onto youtube and search for heat free hair tutorials. Blow dry it as infrequently as you can.

4. Wash you hair as infrequently as you can. I normally wash it then sleep on it wet. I wear it down and normal for about 2 days then add dry shampoo for the 3rd day then put it in a bun on the 4th/5th. I know some people think its gross not to wash your hair but its really gross to wash it too much. Your hair needs those natural oils to grow.

5. Get a decent shampoo and conditioner. I know aussie 3 minute miracle makes your hair feel real nice but its a bottle of wax. Most of them are like that. Find ones that actually penetrate the hair.

6. Use a leave in conditioner. Again look for one that has keratin and other good things in it.

7. I've recently started taking Biotin but I use that more for my nails. This is a vitamin that will make your hair and nails healthier.

You can read about how I care for my long hair here

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