Friday, January 17, 2014

How to clean out candle jars

Pinterest is great and the diy section is better. I see so many pins about reusing candles. Now I really love candles and the jars are great for re-using but how the hell do you get that "dead" candle out of there.

You will need the candle duh. I got mine from Bath and Body Works. (to see more things I bought from BBW click here) You will also need hot water. I boiled mine in a small pot but you really just need hot water and some sort of bowl. Then you can use a hair dryer but that's optional.

1. Put your full candle in the pot of water and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. The wax will start to melt from the bottom up. (if this is taking too long or you would like to speed up the process you can use the hair dryer to melt it) Once the bottom is completely melted- basically enough that its not attached to the glass anymore- *carefully* dump out the candle in the trash. DO NOT POUR THIS DOWN THE DRAIN THE WAX WILL HARDEN AND YOU WILL HAVE THE BIGGEST MESS OF YOUR LIFE.

2. Take your empty candle jar and wash it out. Just scrub both the inside and outside of it.

3. Now you have an empty candle. While its still hot peel off any labels. Trust me here do it while its hot and just be careful. The heat will have loosed the glue and the labels should fall off. Also if you are left with crap from the glue you can add some alcohol to the water and soak it until it comes off. I didn't have this problem though. 

4. Now dry your candle and you have a clean jar that you can diy to your heart's desire. 

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